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A001 - Academy Improvement Policy

A002 - Admissions Policy.

A004 - Behaviour Policy V1.0.

H002 - Capability Procedure V1.1.

F011 - Charging and Remissions Policy.

S-001 Child Protection Policy V4.0.

HO13 - Code of Conduct Policy.

A007 - Complaints Policy V1.2.

H006 - Attendance Policy

H007 - Data Protection Policy.

A012 Declaration of Pecuniary and Business Interests Policy.

H009 - Definition of Disability under the Equality Act Policy.

F012 - Directors and Governors Allowances Policy.

H010 - Discipline Dismissal Procedure Policy.

S008 - Educational Visits Policy.

H003 - Equality and Diversity Policy.

I002 - E-Safety Policy.

A008 - Exclusion Policy

F015 - Excess Travelling Expenses Policy.

F015 - Excess Travelling Expenses Claim Form.

F001 - Financial Regulations Policy v. 2.

A016 - Flexible Working Policy.

A009 - Freedom of Information Policy.

F004 - Gifts and Hospitality Policy.

H004 - Grievance Procedure Policy.

H014 - Headteacher Induction Policy

P002 - Health and Safety Policy.

U001 - Information Consultation and Facilities Agreement.

A017 - Internal Communication Procedure Policy

A010 - Intimate Care Policy.

S-009 Job Description DSL.

H015 - Leave of Absence.

H027 - Lone Working Policy.

S011 - Lockdown Procedure Guidance.

A017 - Nolan Principles.

H016 - NQT Policy.

I002 - Online Safety Policy.

F-009 - Pay Policy V1.3.

H001 - Performance Management Procedure Policy.

S003 - Positive Handling Policy.

A021 - Preventing & Tackling Bullying Policy V1.0.

H018 - Probation Procedure Policy

A018 - Pupil Premium Policy.

H019 - Recruitment Policy.

H025 - Redundancy and Restructure Policy.

Safeguarding Flow Chart.

S-002 Safeguarding Leaflet.

H026 - Sabbatical Policy.

A022 - Secondment Policy V1.0.

H005 - Single Central Record Model.

H024 - Sickness Absence Management Procedure V1.2

S010 - Student Going Missing or Absconding Policy V1.2.

I003 - Website Policy.

S007 - Whistleblowing Policy.

A020 - Worship Policy.


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